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6116 East Arbor Avenue, Building 2, Suite 108, Mesa, AZ 85206

Hi there! Thank you for welcoming me with open arms! 

My name is Meghan and I am the newly appointed nutritionist at East Valley Health and Wellness! I am thrilled to be apart of this amazing team and am even more excited to be helping others achieve their weight, health, wellness, and fitness goals. My passion is to guide others to make healthy choices that become apart of your lifestyle, so that you can maximize your results and see sustainable change (physically and mentally).

East Valley Health and Wellness/East Valley Urology has many unique programs which will help you reach your fullest health potential. Our work is unique and comes at many angles…whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle,  avoid kidney stones and UTIs, get well (iurologically), or blast fat with CoolSculpting–We have everything to offer! I fully advocate the dynamics of our program(s) because I understand through experience that diet, exercise and wellness have a direct correlation. What you consume can either CAUSE or CURE most ailments and disease. However, with all of the information out there, it may be hard to find the RIGHT solution for you. 

Every one individual is not the same, therefore there is no program that will be “one size fits all”. I customize EVERY plan to tailor your personal and physcial needs. My primary goal is to educate you, implement a plan of action and thus create your strongest, greatest self both physically and mentally. Muscle is the key to our metabolism (the more you have the more you burn) and that includes MIND MUSCLE. So keep practicing daily to create long-lasting habits. 

My blog will be your source for motivation, nutrition topics, services we provide, recipes, exercise and other fun facts/tips! You can also request to view my offsite blog (meghaleanllc.wordpress.com) which are offered to all our patients!

Continue to look here for more blog posts from me! 

-Meghan Doherty